lasting design and responsible manufacturing

Lasting design

Many of our products last for generations, and we strive to offer products that support sustainable consumer choices.

Fiskars Quantum™ range of cutting tools celebrates Scandinavian design with an emphasis on the use of natural materials. Central to our product development is that the range includes replaceable blades and springs and all the parts are durable and easy to maintain – underlining our ethos to deliver lasting design at its best.

Responsible manufacturing

Fiskars has 16 own production sites. They are continuously developed to meet and exceed the latest standards of health, safety, environmental impact, and efficient energy use. Certifications regarding manufacturing brings transparency to Fiskars’ operations and give us a framework for improvement.

In 2012 we implemented the ISO14001 certified environmental management system in our construction tool factory and distribution center in France. Today already 39% of our own production volumes are manufactured in ISO 14001 certified units.

Read the whole list of our certified production units on our website.

In 2012 we invested in a new heating system in Sorsakoski cookware factory in Finland and converted from heavy fuel oil to CO2 neutral wooden pellets.

Our products are safe to use and manufactured from high quality materials. Through intelligent product development we aim to improve material efficiency and to increase usage of recycled materials.

In Fiskars container gardening factory in Germany, 42% of our total production volume is produced utilizing regranulated plastic from e.g. the automotive industry.


The functions of packaging are to protect the products and to be a communications channel to our consumers. At Fiskars we aim to optimize packaging and to use recycled or renewable packaging materials.

Gerber’s new packaging design introduced more environmentally friendly materials and reduced plastic usage by 48%.

Extended responsibility

At Fiskars we believe that close co-operation and long term relationships with our suppliers are fundamental for a competitive and sustainable supply chain. Fiskars requires its partners to commit to principles covering labor and human rights, health and safety, environmental impact, and business ethics.

Suppliers are required to follow a Supplier Code of Conduct document, and audits are carried out to verify compliance. By the end of 2012 we have audited finished goods suppliers representing approximately 89% of total volumes sourced from Asia. 60% of suppliers were rated “satisfactory or good”, and no suppliers were disqualified in the audits. The biggest challenges found were related to working hours and safety at work at the factories.

Read more about Fiskars Supplier Code of Conduct and how we work with our suppliers on our website.


of finished product volumes sourced from Asia have been audited




of suppliers were rated satisfactory or good


To learn more about our sustainability direction, and how we develop our sustainability performance, visit our website for more information