Caring for people and communities

We want to run and grow our business in a sustainable manner. We are committed to taking care of people involved in creating our products, and to contributing to the communities where we operate.

In 2012 Fiskars defined its philanthropic umbrella, stating the areas where we support local organizations in the communities where we operate through donations: Our future – Children, Our environment – Nature, Our past – Culture.

Our future – Children

We seek to nourish our future and believe that every child is entitled to have a safe and happy childhood. To enhance this effort we started national co-operation with SOS Children's Villages in Finland.

Through the partnership we aim to support the young people leaving a SOS Children’s Villages with a “Fiskars Start-Kit for your Home & Kitchen”, a basic set of dishes, cutlery, pans, and other practical items.

Our environment – Nature


Fiskars’ Project Orange Thumb® is a community gardening initiative providing groups with the tools, materials and resources they need to create beautiful and productive community garden spaces. In 2012, we distributed 10 garden grants made up of tools and cash to community groups across North America and transformed empty lots into a fruitful community gardens in San Antonio, Texas and Ottawa, Ontario together with non-profit organizations – in a single day.

Our past – Culture

Fiskars has over 360 years’ history of success which is proof of earned trust that lives on in today’s unique atmosphere of the company’s birthplace, Fiskars Village.

To learn more about our sustainability direction, and how we develop our sustainability performance, visit our website for more information