Sustainability, the cornerstone for our long-term success

Fiskars sees the entire life-cycle of its products and its commitment to lasting design and durable products as fundamental to its approach to sustainability. We strive to continuously improve our sustainability performance, and in 2012 we continued to work on our sustainability program. Our main focus has been on a transparent and sustainable supply chain and developing leadership skills to match our global ambition.


We have chosen our own and unique approach to sustainability, which evolves from the very core of our existence; lasting design and functionality of our products, and builds on our Code of Conduct and our values. We consider our design throughout its entire lifecycle – from raw materials to recycling. Our four sustainability focus areas are: lasting design, responsible manufacturing, caring for people and communities, and long-term profitability.

Long-term profitability

Fiskars has an ambition to outperform markets while maintaining our emphasis on long-term profitability. Good economic performance and financial responsibility are important prerequisites for the company’s long-term success. In addition, Fiskars generates prosperity in the society through, for example, employment, taxes, and procurement.






To learn more about our sustainability direction, and how we develop our sustainability performance, visit our website for more information