Leadership, wellbeing and engagement

Leadership for growth and innovation

Fiskars’ growth ambition and ongoing transformation require leadership that enables high performance, innovation and ongoing learning. At Fiskars, exceptional leadership is depicted in our ability to engage and develop our people to reach exceptional results. To support our leaders in their personal development we provide a wide portfolio of tools and promote a shared leadership culture through, for example, two global leadership development programs.

License to Lead

Fiskars License to Lead is targeted for all managers globally with the aim to build a common code in ways of working and leading our people. For instance, in Sweden all the managers completed their License to Lead training in 2012. All in all, more than 150 License to Lead training sessions were arranged at Fiskars during 2012.

Leadership Excellence

Fiskars Leadership Excellence program is targeted for our senior managers. It focuses on building a shared mindset, a common language and forging networks across the company. Over 50 senior managers across the businesses and countries participated in the program in 2012 and early adoption of the new concepts, language and tools is already taking place.


At Fiskars, we understand that wellbeing is not only the responsibility of the employee, but also something which the company needs to contribute to actively. With committed employees whose work history in the company may span over several decades, we take an interest in their wellbeing and want to help them keep fit for every day challenges.

To tackle the modern challenge of wellbeing, we have started focused programs in Finland to support our employees’ ability to work. The so called early intervention model aims to support work performance: we believe that a solution can be found to most problems. Through active focus on work ability in the past two years, the sick leave rate in Finland has dropped to under 5% from around 7%.

Enhancing engagement through open communication

This year we have reshaped our organization to respond to business and market needs and focused on working in a matrix where open two-way communication is essential to help us to understand the direction, the reasoning for the changes and what they mean for employees individually. This can be done only by sharing knowledge with one another and creating better dialogue.

There are encouraging results from many of our sales units and factories where local management and individual leaders have focused on engaging their employees through dialogue. One example is Fiskars France, where action plans were built together by the managers and the employees.

“We were very clear about this: it’s a collective task for a collective result! If at the end of the year the results were successful, it will be thanks to all of us. We have adopted a very structured approach to achieve the change we wanted to make. We started communicating with our employees on quarterly or monthly meetings, from management team to all team levels; followed by the activity indexes which were posted and communicated in each department on a regular basis. The improvement in our employee engagement was a clear result of efficient and active internal communication.” –Alexis Ducos, HR Manager, Fiskars France