Inspiring employees

The year 2012 was a year of many changes and one in which Fiskars became a more collaborative environment than ever. Our now 4 100 employees in our company have joined together to create Tomorrow’s Fiskars, with our common values of innovation, teamwork, integrity and accountability operating as glue across teams, units, countries, cultures and continents.

Inspired and motivated employees are crucial for our business success. We believe that inspiration needs to be nurtured, and for that reason we have chosen to focus on leadership, wellbeing and engagement. We build and develop our talent together with the business and invest heavily in strengthening our people’s capabilities. Working in a growth company offers exciting career opportunities for our employees and we are also encouraging them to pursue new internal career opportunities by making a move to another business unit, country or function within the company.

For the past five years we have consistently evolved into an efficient branded consumer goods company. Following the shift into a matrix model in 2012 we now have units with clear roles and responsibilities in EMEA; be it a sales unit responsible for promoting our entire brand offering in its market or a category-driven business unit responsible for a winning offering and nurturing our brand portfolio.

Fiskars’ global ambitions have also set the stage for more significant investment in sales and marketing competence development. In autumn 2012, Fiskars started a Marketing Excellence program to share the latest learnings in marketing topics.

Employee facts * 2012 2011
Average number of employee (FTE) 3,364 3,545
Employees in production, % 42 46
Employee turnover rate 3,3% N/A
Part time employees, % 14 14
Gender balance, men/women, % 52/48 52/48
Women in the Executive Board, % 20 40
Women in the Board of Directors, % 22 22
Employees responding to engagement survey, % 74 68
Professional employees included in performance review and target setting process, % 94 80
* Royal Copenhagen employees not included in 2012 figures





”I’m impressed by the passion coming through our employee engagement survey. All who participated do genuinely want to make Fiskars a great company and an even better place to work. That is a great starting point for Tomorrow’s Fiskars.”

-Timo Leskinen, Vice President, Human Resources