The Board of Directors is responsible for the appropriate management and organization of operations. In practice, it is the responsibility of the President and CEO, together with the management, to put in place and administer accounting and control mechanisms and other similar mechanisms.

The Group’s financial performance is reviewed monthly using a reporting system that covers all units and operations. The business areas are run by their own leadership teams. With the support of the Corporation, the business areas are responsible for the day-to-day risk management associated with their operations.

The Risk Management function supports identification, evaluation, and management of risks that may threaten the achievement of Fiskars’ business goals.

The Internal Audit function is responsible for auditing and reviewing how well internal control systems function, the appropriateness and efficiency of functions, and how well guidelines are observed.

The Internal Audit function also strives to promote the development of risk management practices in the Group’s business units. The Parent Company has an internal audit manager, who is administratively subordinate to the President and CEO, but reports to the Audit Committee.

Insider matters

Fiskars applies the insider regulations of NASDAQ OMX Helsinki that came into force on October 9, 2009. In addition, the Company has its own insider regulations that were last updated on September 1, 2012.

The Company’s Public Insiders include the members of the Board, the President and CEO, the Executive Board, the Presidents of the business areas and EMEA sales regions and the Company’s Auditors. Fiskars also has a Company specific insider register as well as a separate project-based register which is maintained for projects that, on completion, may have an impact on the Company’s share value.

Fiskars Corporation’s Legal Department maintains lists of insiders. Information on Public Insiders can be consulted at Euroclear Finland Ltd., Urho Kekkosen katu 5 C, 00100 Helsinki, tel. +358 20 770 6000 and the Company’s website,


The Company’s Auditor was KPMG Oy Ab, Authorized Public Accountants, with Virpi Halonen, APA , as Senior Auditor.

A total of EUR 0.7 million was paid in audit fees to the auditors employed by Group companies in 2012. In addition, a total of EUR 0.8 million was paid to the auditors in fees for other consultancy services related to tax matters and other advisory services.

Communications with the markets

Fiskars’ aim is to provide all market participants with accurate, up-to-date, and sufficient information on the Company. Details on the Company’s administration and control system can be consulted on the Company’s website, where stock exchange releases are published immediately after disclosure, and other key investor material is also available.

Fiskars has adopted a silent period of three weeks prior to the publication of results. During this period, no comments on the market situation or Company prospects will be made by Fiskars.