12. Other intangible assets

EUR million 2012 2011
Historical cost, Jan 1 184.2 180.3
Translation differences -0.1 0.6
Silva divestment
Additions 19.9 5.0
Decreases -0.6 -0.5
Transfers between asset groups 0.8 2.2
Historical cost, Dec 31 204.2 184.2

Accumulated amortization, Jan 1 59.0 55.0
Translation differences 0.0 0.8
Amortization for the period 4.7 4.6
Decreases -0.4 -0.5
Transfers between asset groups 0.3 -0.9
Accumulated amortization, Dec 31 63.5 59.0

Net book value, Dec 31 140.7 125.2

Trademarks included in intangible assets 102.2 102.2

Since the benefits from trademarks are indefinite, they are not amortized but are tested at least annually for impairment using a relief from royalty method. Cash flows attributable to trademarks are derived by indentifying revenues from sales of products belonging to each trademark. The carrying amounts of trademarks are determined on a discounted cash flow method basis, derived from five-year cash flow projections, based on strategic plans approved by the management. Cash flows for the period extending over the planning period are calculated using the terminal value method. On the basis of the impairment calculations made, there has been no need for impairment of trademarks for the periods ended December 31, 2011 and 2012.

Key parameters applied in impairment testing

% 2012 2011
Increase in net sales on average 1.8 1.9
Steady growth rate in projecting terminal value 3.0 3.0
Discount rate, pre-tax, average* 9.5 7.9

* Used one percentage point higher risk premium than in goodwill testing.

Sensitivity analysis

Sensitivity analyses have been carried out for the valuation of each trademark by making downside scenarios for key parameters. The management views that, excluding trademark Gingher, no reasonably possible change in any of the key parameters would lead to impairment. The recoverable amount of trademark Gingher currently exceeds its carrying amount of EUR 3.4 million by EUR 0.6 million, and an increase of 1.1 percentage point in pre-tax discount rate would result in the recoverable amount being equal to the carrying amount.

EUR million 2012 2011
Investment commitments for intangible assets 3.3 1.2