in brands we trust

Strong brands are the engines for Fiskars’ growth; they engage consumers on an emotional level and inspire long term loyalty. Fiskars’ brands reach out to modern consumers’ desire to express their personalities and passions. Consumers trust our brands to deliver the same quality and experience time after time.

Each one of the trusted brands in our unique portfolio has a clearly defined role in realizing our growth ambition. Our key brands Fiskars, Iittala, and Gerber, are internationally renowned and developed with global ambitions. We continue to invest in these three brands as we believe that they have the potential to expand into new markets and conquer new product categories.

Our regional brands have leading positions in their home markets and are also strong enough in their own right to be marketed on the international stage. The local and tactical brands complete our offering by serving as door openers in new markets and by serving at different price points, tactically supporting our larger portfolio.

The reshaping of our organization in 2012 was designed to accelerate Fiskars’ growth. The new, sharpened focus in our business and sales units enables us to carry a wider range of brands internationally and thus to elevate formerly locally-based brands to the level of regional brands.

Following the acquisition of Royal Copenhagen, Fiskars’ Home business is now able to consolidate a unique, internationally-appealing offering of Scandinavian dining brands, consisting of the regional brands Royal Copenhagen, Rörstrand (previously a local brand) and Arabia.

In the Garden business, the Fiskars brand will be further strengthened by integrating the Danish garden tool brand Zinck-Lysbro into the Fiskars brand. By combining the UK and German container gardening businesses, we have created a single offering that is marketed also in other markets under the regional brand Ebert-Sankey. Another testimony to our new organization’s strength to carry a brand with great potential outside its home country is the French construction tool brand Leborgne. This renowned French brand will now be elevated to a regional level and is being built into our offering across Europe.