Iconic products

We celebrate generations of essential objects that are made to enrich people’s everyday lives. Our products find their place with everyone who loves gardening and cooking, exploring nature and the great outdoors.

Iconic products and strong brands are key to our success. Fiskars has a legacy of making exciting products – products that solve everyday problems and increase enjoyment through superior performance and design. We fulfill consumers’ needs and emotions through our products and the high quality, functionality and design that characterize them. Indeed, consumer and customer thinking lies at the core of our success.

Design is not just about the look and feel of the product, it is also about functionality and ergonomics. Whether a product starts from an idea, a problem that needs a solution or simply an insight, the product always relies on its design. We want to know about the people who use our products, and get into their heads to be able to come up with innovative products that outperform our competitors.

Our aspiration is to do everything better and smarter, and in a sustainable way. We want to enhance sustainability not just in production and logistics, but by going a step deeper; by creating lasting design.


Legacy of iconic products


From idea to product


Awarded design 2012