Decorating the home is a simple pleasure all can share. We aim to bring joy to homes around the world through the pleasure of home decoration, setting tables beautifully and products that make life easier. Our ambition in the Home business is to be recognized as a globally leading company renowned for its Scandinavian design and functionality.

Our approach relies on building from and managing our business through the most consumer-relevant and brand consistent categories, starting with consumers and the activities they love.

In EMEA, our focus is on the Living and Kitchen businesses, reflecting different product categories and sales channels. In the Americas, our business is currently focused on products for School, Office and Craft (SOC).

We are strong in the Nordic countries and in North America, but our ambition is to expand beyond these markets. For Living with Iittala as a spearhead, we are focusing on the opportunities in Central Europe and Asia, with great results, for example in store openings in Japan and new shop-in-shops in France. The acquisition of the esteemed Danish brand Royal Copenhagen completes Fiskars’ brand portfolio in dining and further strengthens our position is Asia. Kitchen with Fiskars as the key brand is focusing on Central and Eastern Europe.

Our growth strategy is about winning the game in the retail space and in the digital world, and we are utilizing every opportunity to strengthen the brand story and engage our consumers.

Opening an international Iittala web store and a Fiskars web store in the Americas was one of the milestones on our growth strategy in 2012.

Over the past years, we have actively expanded our offering into new categories, such as interior design. With the launch of the Fuse Creativity System® mid-year, we expanded our crafting expertise and entered the largest segment in paper-crafting tools – die-cutting. We plan to continue to expand our die-cutting platform in the future with new die designs.

”Our new category-based approach provides the right tools for the sales to win the game – both in retail space and in digital.”

-Teemu Kangas-Kärki, President, Home



”Our vision is to become the undisputed leader in iconic lifestyle tools that create a better life.”

-Paul Tonnesen, President, Garden & SOC, Americas



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